Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Is there anyone out there who can explain the psychology behind the 'lost sock trauma'? I'm sure I am not the only one who is pairing up socks obsessively and still never seem to manage to have all of them come back once they've been let loose inside a washing machine.  It is common knowledge that there is some kind of dark force at work, but what exactly, can it be? Do they just disintegrate and disappear? Do they fester for years in an unknown part of your house only to come back when you are old and frail to take control of your life? 

I have a bag which is dedicated only to lonely sock. Its a bit like a very local version of a dating site. I keep the lonely socks in the bag, and whenever another lonely sock appears I try to match them up with one of the first ones. Sometimes you have to use your imagination and let them pair up based on personality rather then looks. they will be happier together that way. But were the actual lost socks are, I think I will never know.

51 of 100

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