Monday, 22 August 2011


I mainly work in black and white, but sometimes I get carried away and try to tackle some colour. These images are the result of some colour madness and one of my first attempts of using photoshop. I don't really use it for fancy editing, its more like a a virtual scissors and glue kit in my incapable hands.

This is a little illustration of how I used to tackle the concept of flirting. Its all about getting the right level of fear in your eyes and a firm grip on whatever stable surface is near.

Can't Flirt to Save my Life

This is me and my accordion. My friends gave me it to me not realising the damage such an instrument can do. Its worth mentioning they were not my housemates. Or they might have thought twice about it.

Is it just me, or does accordion music drive people crazy?

An illustration that started life as a small logo for a food business and then grew an extra head.

Twice the Service

I love my plants. The are good friends. I give them water and a bit of attention and they give me ...bugs?

You said that you would grow!                                     You said that you would water me!

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