Monday, 15 August 2011


Quite a lot of people took part in the project 'One Hundred Days to Make me a Better Person', everyone doing different things. One of my fellow participants contacted me to ask if I wanted to do a mini collaboration. 
Jo Bell is a poet who were taking part in the project by writing for 15 minutes a day. The poem she sent me is from her book Navigation.


Neighbour, I was sleeping
when you used your key this morning. 
I sleep lightly, but I never woke. 

I came down in summer light 
wearing my surprised hair
and my blue pyjamas
to find the Bovril jar you like
precisely in the middle of the breakfast table, 
its old mouth stuffed with
brilliant bronze chrysanthemums. 

Thank you, neighbour. 
This afternoon I used my key to your house
and left you this poem.

I really liked the poem so I did a little drawing that I thought was suitable. Then i read the poem again a realised i had perhaps read it with my twisted comedy glasses on. But I think its a nice poem and I like the image I had in my head of a kindof friendly burglar.

23 of 100

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