Saturday, 10 September 2011


I normally draw everything by hand and sometimes (but rarely) do the odd tweak after on the computer, but this time I did some scribbles using a drawing tablet. As you can see it is not my finest work, but the situation still comes across.

I was in the post office in Williamsburg in New York waiting to post a massive parcel. This guy behind me had the loudest and most interesting and self obsessed conversation on the phone. The rest of us were struggling to hear our own thoughts over his voice.

I now know that he was born in the Green Point Hospital up the road (which according to him is no longer there) so therefor feels that this is his neighbourhood and disagrees strongly with bitches behind counter doing whatever they want. He is renting out an art space to someone and is about to open a gallery combined with a skate shop. But that is all very hush-hush so he can really tell his friend that here over the phone. He also enjoys selling things on eBay and his has had a bit of a busy time lately as his grandmother has been very ill in hospital, but she is OK now, which we are all very relieved to hear.

But as he told his friend on the phone, he didn't want to talk too much as he didn't want all the freaks around him to hear what he was saying. Fair point. You never know who will write about you on the internet.

Its good to be self aware

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