Thursday, 1 September 2011


I spent most of my time in school drawing doodles and little people on pretty much everything that happened to be in front of me. My math books were full of drawings and not much math. And they kept creeping up over my desk as well. I tend to try and restrain myself these days from drawing on furniture, but I found this slightly blurred photo of my desk from my previous house, which I obviously could not keep my self from doodling on. I just like how it becomes part of the surface and the randomness of the drawings. They might not be great illustrations but they are little comments on that moment in time. I particularly like the woman with the skirt that has an airplane printed on it. There are little parachuters jumping from the airplane-skirt.

You can't really read the writing but one of the little creatures says; 'It all went a bit wrong. Time for bed Children' which sums up the whole drawing really.

Desk Squiggles

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