Thursday, 1 September 2011


The other day me and Jacqui went for a walk in a rainy Hackney with our friend Tim. He told us about a plum tree near his house that was full of fruit hanging over the fence from a school yard. We couldn't leave it alone when we saw it so we picked up a ladder from Tim's house and got to work. We picked 6 kilos all together just from the small part of the tree that you can reach from the street. If only I could get in to that yard I could start a small jam factory!

We thought it would be such a great idea to make a website that tells you were to find 'free fruit trees' that grow in public spaces. And then I found Fruit City which is doing exactly that! They have an excellent map that you can add your discoveries to and use it to plan your scrumping outings with more precision!

Our plums turned our Sunday into a jam and chutney making frenzy and I made some labels for the jars. The jam and chutney turned out pretty tasty and this is the result.

I love free fruit

Pick your own! There is nothing better!

We Take it, We Make it

Why go to Tesco when there is a fruit tree right next to it?

Handpicked in Hackney, the only way forward

They started out as plain little jars, and look at them now..!

A sweet collection

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